The How and Why of Resolution

Resolution was created to solve the three biggest problems with the cancellation industry:

Problem #1. Timeshare cancellation is expensive. At Resolution, we employ professional consumer advocates to answer your questions, explain our process, and keep you updated regularly until you receive your official release. And because we are not structured as a law firm, Resolution can offer a cancellation program at an affordable price, a money-back guarantee, and a no-upfront fee option where we don’t get paid until you get released. No law firm can do that.

Problem #2. Most cancellation firms employ salespeople, not consumer advocates. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

A. Does the cancellation representative receive a commission, or are they compensated with a salary? Actual consumer advocates are compensated with a set salary that does not depend on how many clients they sign up.

B. Is the representative withholding the fee they will charge you, until they find out how much money you may have? (they do this by asking for the amount you pay to your timeshare both monthly and annually)

C. Does the representative try to ‘close you’ at the end of the free consultation, or pester you every few days with phone calls or emails? An actual advocate will encourage you to take your time and do your homework. 

Problem #3. Most cancellation firms will charge a fee based on how much money they think you have. Almost all cancellation firms will withhold a price quote until they find out your monthly timeshare payment and/or your annual fee. Once they know how expensive your timeshare is, they can estimate how much you are likely to pay them. Truth be told, the amount of work it takes to cancel a timeshare is not a function of how much money you pay your timeshare. Resolution only charges an affordable flat fee.

So from all of us here at Resolution - from Steve, John, Mike, Tom, David and Dee - we pledge to put your interests first and foremost, to keep you updated every step of the way, and to work tirelessly until you are timeshare free! 


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